Affordable Pricing - no hidden charges

As you read through the features pages you could be forgiven for thinking that a solution this far ahead of it's competitors is going to be expensive. You could not be more wrong, Concept500 is probably the most competitively priced e-business solution you can buy. What's more, we only charge you for the features and options that you need, if you don't need it why pay for it?

Remember our prices are all-inclusive (see below to see what is included) and we guarantee there are no hidden charges.

Our pricing consists of two elements, a one off set-up charge and a monthly or annual payment. We have a very flexible approach to pricing and let you choose the set-up charge & monthly/annual payment that best suits you.

When you have finished this short tour select 'Pricing & Options' on the menu, here you can choose the specific market you sell to and see the models available for that market. At this stage you can use our Quick Price Calculator to work out the exact cost of the model & options that you choose.

All the following is included in the price:
  • Your chosen Concept500 solution with all the features of the style you have chosen
  • Web site hosting Your site will be hosted on professional high performance servers with multiple high speed connections to the internet backbone.
  • Free Domain name if you don't already have one we can arrange this for you ( .com & names only)
  • An email address using your Domain name, Additional email addresses are available for a small extra cost.
  • Full visitor statistics package - not just hits but full visitor information in day by day, month by month numerical and graphical formats.
  • Concept500 Control Panel An easy to use on-line program that allows you to add/edit/remove products etc. from anywhere in the world (Internet access required).
  • Printable on-line help The help explains in simple terms how to use the web site. It covers absolutely everything and it's only a few pages long (we keep telling you how easy it is)
  • Free technical support by telephone or e-mail - At standard call rates, we do not use premium lines for support.
  • Free technical upgrades & fixes